2019 Organizers

2019 TEDxUConn Organizers

Himaja Nagireddy

From Acton, MA, Himaja is an junior undergraduate pre-med student pursuing three degrees in Physiology and Neurobiology with a minor in Chemistry (BS), Molecular and Cell Biology (BS), and Sociology (BA). Himaja is an Honors Scholar, STEM Scholar, 2019 Leadership Legacy Fellow, 2019 BOLD Scholar, and a 2019 UConn representative for the Truman and Udall Scholarships. Himaja is an elected representative of the National Council for the United Nations Association of the USA, a civil organization founded by Eleanor Roosevelt, where she works with over 20,000 members to coordinate efforts to support the UN. Himaja is a UConn-Eversource Research Fellow and volunteers for two non-profit organizations during her free time (Barefoot College and Paper Airplanes). Himaja will be serving as President of TEDxUConn from 2019-2020.

Caroline Sekel
Vice President

Caroline is a computer science student from Maplewood, NJ. She joined TEDxUConn because she loves watching TED talks and is passionate about spreading challenging and innovative ideas. Caroline will be serving as Vice President of TEDxUConn in 2019-2020 and is excited for our upcoming conference!

Jillian Devine

TEDxUConn shows the innovation and flexibility of UConn’s intellectual capabilities. It is fascinating to see what our speakers talk about because it always gets me to think differently. Fun fact: I can speak Spanish.

Silvanna Moran-Vargas

I joined TEDxUConn due to my love for binge-watching TED videos on YouTube for inspiration and motivation. I love collaborating with such a diverse and creative group of people that are brought together by an affinity for listening to other’s ideas. Fun fact: Silvanna, my name, means “of the forest” in Latin, but I take that more as a spiritual connection to nature rather than a literal one. Instead, I am most comfortable when watching Netflix, some of my favorite shows include Sherlock and Documentary Now!

Gabriella Koc
Head of Curation

Gabriela is a Connecticut resident and passionate future educator. With education as a passion she also understands the multi-faceted aspects heavily influencing it, making her an active advocate in local, state and national politics, as well as in her community. She currently works part-time as a paralegal and is a full time master’s student in curriculum and instruction at UCONN. TED and TEDx have always been key lesson or idea intros in classes she has taken and through such has sought out involvement in TEDxUConn once enrolling in higher education. Her favorite part about TEDx is the accessibility and unique performance and narrative based presenting that she hopes to adapt to her own teaching and classrooms.

Avery Bikerman
Co-curation Chair

From Old Lyme, CT, Avery is a junior, pre-law honors student studying civil engineering and pursuing a minor in history. Avery is treasurer of UConn International Affairs Association and a grab photographer and filmmaker for the Daily Campus newspaper. He became involved with TEDxUConn because of his own admiration towards the inspiration that motivational speakers provide, and the opportunity to further extend the platform to fellow students. Avery will be serving as Curation Chair of TEDxUConn from 2019-2020.

Ralph Rotondo
Co-curation Chair

Ralph Rotondo is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Economics and a Master’s in Public Policy. Ralph transferred to the University of Connecticut from American University in Washington, DC, where he interned for a political party. Currently, he is a research technician working on the Comparative Welfare Entitlements Dataset for Professor Lyle Scruggs. Ralph became involved with TEDxUConn to help spread ideas and experiences to wider audiences. For the 2019-2020 academic year, Ralph will be serving as Co-Chair of Curation for TEDxUConn. Ralph is from Shelton, CT; he enjoys crossfit and jiu-jitsu.

Diante Felton
Head of Logistics

From Chicago, IL, Diante is a Senior majoring in Management with a concentration in Human Capital Management. I have been involved with TEDxUCONN since my freshman year and its purpose has provided a way for the UConn community to learn and cultivate ideas. I have always been one to have informed, thought-provoking conversations, so that is where TED comes into play as an institution to think and grow.

Vincent Huang
Logisitics Chair

Vincent is a transfer junior undergraduate Civil Engineering student who will be the 2019-2020 Logistics Committee Chair for TEDxUConn. He joined TEDxUConn at the start of the Spring 2019 semester because he loves watching TED Talks and enjoys listening to new ideas presented by TED speakers. One of Vincent’s favorite hobbies is running. He will run miles on end to stay in shape and feel energized when workload and stress is high in college.

Daniella Morel
Social Media Chair

From Providence, Rhode Island, Daniella is a sophomore undergraduate pre-PA student taking up a degree in Cognitive Science (BS). Daniella enjoys giving back to underserved communities which she is able to do through three UCONN organizatons (G.I.V.E, Medical Humane Society, and ManyMentors). In June ‘19, she had worked with fourteen other students as well as the Yunior Rodriguez Foundation to volunteer at several hospitals and makeshift clinics/pharmacies distributing medicine and taking lab tests all over the Dominican Republic. Daniella will be serving as the Social Media Chair for TedxUConn from 2019-2020.

Serena Riback
Design Chair

Serena is a sophomore Computer Science Engineering major from Chatham, New Jersey. In addition to being an avid TED Talk enthusiast, she plays violin in the UConn Symphony Orchestra and participates in the alternate spring break/service group Honors Across State Borders (HASB). Serena is so excited to be the design chair for the 2019-2020 academic year, and loves getting to work on the TEDx UConn website! She can’t wait to be involved in her first TEDx conference at UConn!