2018 Organizers

2018 TEDxUConn Organizers

Leila Shwayhat

I love TEDxUConn because of the people. I get to work with an amazing team that goes above and beyond, and get to meet a wide range of speakers who all have fascinating ideas that are definitely worth sharing.
Fun fact: I participated in a summer study abroad program in Exeter, England.

Emily Wadas

I am a part of TEDxUConn because I believe in any platform that leads to healthy and productive conversation.
Fun fact: I have never been to a US National Park. I really should get on that.

Gabriela Koc

I believe TED’s initiative, to give a platform to ideas worth spreading, has the power to positively affect anyone who genuinely wants to listen, through the power of speech. I am happy to be a part of such an organization for 3 years and am eager to see the progress and future voices of TEDxUConn.
Fun fact: I am an avid music listener of all genres, and occasional singer/songwriter who enjoys being involved in civic engagement and activism, advocating for matters of inner city youth and education.

Emma Mills

I love being a part of people’s passion for learning and desire to insight change.
Fun fact: Burning love for sushi and mango

Diante Felton

TED has provided a way of having a positive impact on people around me. By stimulating conversation on interdisciplinary topics, the minds of the audience can be motivated to reach their full potential. TEDxUConn is an institution for the UConn community where others can learn and cultivate ideas.
Fun fact: I have my pilot’s license.

Silvanna Moran-Vargas

I joined TEDxUConn because I love binge-watching TED videos on YouTube for inspiration and motivation. I love collaborating with such a diverse and creative group of people brought together by an affinity for listening to others ideas.
Fun fact: Silvanna, my name, means “of the forest” in latin, but I take that more as a spiritual connection to nature rather than a literal one. Instead, I am most comfortable when watching Netflix and some of my favorite shows include Sherlock, Documentary Now!, and Gossip Girl.

Caroline Sekel

I fell in love with TED talks in high school and wanted to be involved with them in any way I could. TEDxUconn was the perfect opportunity to do so and it has been a great experience.
Fun fact: I am on a quest to find the world’s greatest milkshake.

Armando Dominguez

I was always a fan on TED Talks, and I attended the 2016 UConn Ted Conference. My experience at that event made me want to play a bigger part of future TEDxUConn events.
Fun fact: In 8th grade, I submitted a poem in a national essay contest at the request of my English teacher; And it ended up getting published in an anthology.

Misha Goldrick

I joined TEDxUconn because I am a huge fan of the TED organisation and I am proud to be a part of a group that gives voices to so many inspirational and hardworking people.
Fun fact: I have never seen any of the Home Alone movies (they’re on my watch list I swear!)

Léa Swistak

I love being in TEDxUconn because we have the opportunity to meet amazing people with unique background. Our team is here to help them to share their stories and thoughts with the world!
Fun fact: I am a French exchange student!

Jillian Devine

TEDxUConn shows the innovation and flexibility of UConn’s intellectual capabilities. It is fascinating to see what our speakers talk about because it always gets me to think differently.
Fun fact: I can speak Spanish.

Evan Cohen

I’ve always loved to learn; I believe knowing even just a little bit about everything greatly increases a person’s marketability as a member of the world community. Though there is always a particular subject that one finds mundane, there is often at least some aspect of the topic that is interesting and relevant to oneself on a personal level – it’s much more difficult to be bored that way. When I’m not studying or working with computers, I greatly enjoy music performance and composition.

Riddhi Dave