Dillan DiGiovanni

Dillan DiGiovanni: You Make A Dent That Matters
Lifestyle and Leadership Coach

Dillan DiGiovanni, a credentialed educator and coach, helps create healthier workplace cultures with conscientious people and companies. Dillan combines his expertise with lifestyle habits and leadership skills to help people become happier and healthier via his blog, social media and live presentations. A self-described “change theory geek”, Dillan has changed virtually every aspect of his identity, from his career path to nutrition and even his gender identity well into his adulthood, and he shares those stories to inspire people. He received his B.S. in Education from The College of New Jersey and MEd. from Lesley University, with a specialization in Leadership, Wellness and Cultural Change. Dillan lives in Boston, MA and consults with clients all over the globe. He consumes bacon and green smoothies in equal amounts and is an avid film fan.