Blair T. Johnson

Blair T. Johnson: Multi-Disciplinary Models for Health
Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of Connecticut

Blair T. Johnson, Ph.D., is Board of Trustees Professor of Psychology
at the University of Connecticut. For over two decades, he has focused his scholarship on health promotion and especially HIV prevention, serving as the principal investigator of several National Institutes of Health grants on these subjects. His recent research has helped to show the prominent roles that networks and community resources play in the success of behavioral interventions targeting individuals at risk for acquiring HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Prof. Johnson is also a dedicated methodologist, especially in relation to meta-analysis, which he labels “the original big data.” He developed some of the first computer software to conduct meta-analysis and often writes and teaches about the best ways to conduct meta-analyses and other systematic reviews. When he is not doing science, he enjoys playing piano and activities with his family.