Nicholas Leadbeater

Nicholas E. Leadbeater: 21st Century Alchemy: Making Chemicals out of Biofuels
Associate Professor of Chemistry, the University of Connecticut

Dr. Nicholas E. Leadbeater is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of Connecticut. His interests lie in the development of cleaner, greener ways to make molecules as well as the incorporation of new technology into both research and teaching settings. Dr Leadbeater is also the Interim Director of the Connecticut Chemical Innovations Institute. The mission of the Institute is to foster green job growth and safer workplaces through encouraging clean technology innovation and utilization of green chemistry, and to provide assistance to businesses, state agencies and nonprofit organizations that seek to utilize alternatives to chemicals that are harmful to public health and the environment. Outside of the lab, Nicholas has contributed a number of “Academic Minutes” to a local NPR station, talking about topics as diverse as green chemistry, biofuels, why the sky is blue, and the chemistry behind crusty bread.