Ben Berkowitz

Ben Berkowitz: Government for the 21st Century
CEO of SeeClickFix

Ben Berkowitz is co founder and CEO of SeeClickFix. For his work on SeeClickFix with his three co-founders Jeff Blasius, Kam Lasater and Miles Lasater he was recently named Huffington Post’s 2010 Technology Game Changer, Inc Magazine’s “Entrepreneurs we love” and Government And Technology Magazine’s Top 25 Innovators for 2011. He has been a featured speaker on civic participation and open government at SXSW, The World Bank, The US Department of State, The White House, Bif6, Picnic in Amsterdam and many others. Outside of SeeClickFix he enjoys planting trees with his neighbors, hanging out with his wife Kati, his son Oliver and his puggle and his mutt and cycling and walking around New Haven, CT where he is a proud citizen. His current extracurricular activities include helping a large public mural on a highway underpass, and starting a local makerspace,